Paranoia – Alive and Well in San Miguel

Condensation trail over San Miguel

You may not realize this, but that thing in the sky is not the decaying condensation trail of a passing airliner, but “Mysterious” chemicals being sprayed by covert government forces (nationality unspecified) for (reason unspecified). Our local online notice board “The Civil List”, features scads of panicked posts from cringing gringos about these “Chemtrails” every time these harbingers of doom appear. Replies from folks who actually know what they are talking about, like airline pilots, only seem to further agitate the conspiracy theorists, who get ample encouragement from whacko websites providing irrefutable evidence that “they” are out to get us. Well, must get back to the underground bunker. The light on the left by the way is not lens flare from the Sun but is from a departing flying saucer which has just beamed up a load of nuns from the Oratorio.

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