The Schoolchildren of San Miguel

School Project and Great Graphics, San Miguel

This morning in the Jardin, we came across a wonderful exhibit of local school projects including this Cadena Alimenticia (Food Chain) diagram. The imagery is wonderful. While looking at this, other schoolchildren were performing (the Can-Can of all things) on a large temporary stage with hundreds of passers-by, tourists, and proud parents, looking on. Something which always impresses in Mexico is how attentive, happy, and engaged the children are, all proudly wearing school uniform although this is a costly investment for many of them. It is also a testament to the idea of the town square, which in Mexico is a very active public space constantly in use by the entire community whether school kids playing football in the evening, the frequent outdoor religous ceremonies, and the inevitable Mariachi and other more formal bands and orchestras that perform on the weekends.

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