David Alfaro Siqueiros Again

David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1971, Photo by Lance Wyman

In response to the post below, Lance Wyman sent me this great photo of Mexican muralist Siqueiros he took in 1971 when he (Lance) was down here after completing the graphics for the Mexico Olympics and the Mexico Subway among other things. In 1949, Siqueiros, who had been hired as a guest lecturer at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel, had a falling out with its director over the fees for a mural he had been asked to paint together with his students. As a result he chucked the Director down a flight of stairs, the faculty and students walked out in support of Siqueiros, and the school was forced to close. I often feel that way about some of the fees we are offered. Must start looking for some appropriate stairs.

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