Fiesta de la Candelaria

Niño Dios dolls, the Orataorio, San Miguel

Niño Dios dolls after blessing, the Orataorio, San Miguel

In Norte America the Second of February is Groundhog Day, in Mexico, El Dia de la Candelaria or Candlemas. Catholics celebrate this day as the Feast of the Purification, or as the Presentation of Christ at the Temple, when Jesus would have been taken to the synagogue, forty days after his birth. In Mexico, most families have their own images of the Child Jesus, usually a commercially bought plastic doll, known as the Niño Dios, which they often dress quite elaborately. Women, and very occasionally men, as here outside the Oratorio, line up with their dolls and candles, sometimes baskets of them, to be blessed as part of the ceremonies.

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