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Alternate Side Parking, Upper West Side, New York

Alternate Side Parking, Upper West Side, New York

In order to make life more exciting, the New York Department of Transportation (DOT) has developed a game for car owners called Alternate Side Parking. Based on Musical Chairs it starts with everyone going and sitting in their cars for two hours a couple of mornings a week. At an unannounced time the City springs a surprise attack by a large device with spinning brushes which picks up all the goo in the street and sprays it on passing pedestrians. When “The Machine” as it is called, approaches, everyone has to scatter while at the same time the DOT arranges for an extra car or two to arrive to compete for the places and for several taxis and trucks to attempt to pass through the block. This results in abundant fun as everyone fights to reverse back into their place again resulting in one or two unlucky individuals getting pushed out and having to go and find a spot in New Jersey. As can be seen here, looking down from our apartment, the sidewalks are also included in the game, leaving a very confused pedestrian wondering whether he will ever live to tell about it.

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