Carnitas on Mesones

The Carnitas store, Mesones, San MIguel de Allende

The Carnitas store, Mesones, San MIguel de Allende

Carnitas, literally translated as “Little Meats”, are what happen when you take large chunks of pig and slowly deep-fry them for four or five hours in a giant bucket of lard. Normally chopped up with a small machete and served in a tortilla with some cilantro and pickled onion with some salsa on top, it is a staple for many folks here for comida and is delicious. Our favorite place here is on Mesones next door to Super Bonanza (our local everything market). Our favorite are costillas (ribs) which are particularly succulent and juicy. Smartly, the carnitas Lady uses her hands for the food and the metal tin for the money which she never touches without a plastic bag on her hand. Meticulously hygienic.

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