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Guy Marcellus, Via driver, New York, Jan 2016

Guy Marcellus, Via driver, New York, Jan 2016

Snowing again in New York, but this time only enough to make everything look nice. Here, Guy Marcellus, our Haitian Via driver today heads downtown on Broadway. If you don’t know Via, check them out. Anywhere below 110 street for just five bucks during weekdays, and no tipping. As they are usually shared rides, you also get some interesting New Yorkers to meet, including the drivers. Most of them, with their black SUVs, work for Uber on the weekend and Via during weekdays. You get the same everything for a fraction of the price and they arrive about five minutes after hailing them on your smartphone app. Hardly costs more than the bus or subway, a lot quicker, and you get more or less to where you are actually going.

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