On The Rocks

The front page of Arrest, for April 17, 2012

In the interest of the Free Press, and the irresistible desire to humiliate, Arrest is published for those who wish to ascertain there are still those who are in deeper doo-doo than they are – or just to make sure that their mugshot hasn’t been included. Luckily, in Carroll, Haralson, Douglas, and Paulding counties in Georgia, there is sufficient business at the local jails to publish twenty pages of such unfortunates on a weekly basis, plus, as a bonus, the FBI’s ten most wanted on page eighteen. On the subject of checkout line publications, I wish I had kept the copy of the National Enquirer with a photo on the cover of a farmer with a shotgun holding up a six-foot grasshopper by the back legs that he had just hunted down.

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